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Top Future 4x4 Off-Road Classics

Real 4x4's are disappearing from US roads. The popularity of the crossover Suv has relegated the real body-on-frame SUVs to being niche vehicles. Many manufacturers are discontinuing models that are sure to be future classics. Below is Mile 4x4's list of future 4x4 classics.

11. Mitsubishi Montero. The Montero was discontinued in 2006 in the US by Mitsubishi. They are currently much cheaper than Land Cruiser of the same vintage. They offer much of the same off-road capabilities and they make a perfect camping or overland SUV. Look for their prices to rise as the supply of good ones dwindle.

10. Chevrolet Avalanche. The Avalanche is a bargain compared to other Chevy Trucks or the Tahoe. The are functional and they will continue to stay popular.

9. Land Rover LR3/4. The Land Rover Discover LR3/LR4 are do for a redesign. Land Rovers continue to move softer, so these may be the last Land Rovers that you would actually take off-road.

8. Jeep Commander. Overlooked but roomy and with…